Protect Your Brand With Highlyte

April 26, 2022

Written by Highlyte

In our digital world, content marketing is the seed that nurtures trust and community with consumers, and bears fruit in the form of conversions and leads. That is why content creation is a top priority for 80% of marketers.

Marketing compliance is a tricky beast, and adds another strong level of pressure for marketing teams. What does this mean, you ask? Cannabis marketers are tasked with the daunting responsibility of creating content that will captivate, entice, and appeal to the widest audience possible - all the while staying compliant against HUNDREDS of marketing regulations that are subject to change at any time. Typically, marketers like to think of regulations as a leash which chokes their creative process, and hinders their ability to deliver captivating content. After all, creativity demands daring to cross the line, to set the new norms. Marketing compliance has existed as long as marketing itself has existed, and has typically been a long, arduous, and expensive process, requiring entire departments to start again from scratch after weeks? months? of grueling work. But that doesn’t mean that creativity has to be sacrificed in order to be compliant. Take a look at our collaboration with Flow Kana - the Caldera x AMNESIA campaign shows that compliance and creativity can work in tandem AND look good. With compliance and creativity at the forefront, Caldera x AMNESIA resulted in over 63,000 impressions and a 14.31% engagement rate!

Violating marketing and advertising regulations have serious consequences from social media account shadowbans, account shutdowns, regulatory fines, and loss of licenses. It’s not just government regulators who are looking at compliance, it’s also social media platforms. Don’t just take it from us - the numbers don’t lie. Pioneer Intelligence has gathered the data from over 600 cannabis brands, and observed more than a 100% increase in Instagram account shutdowns from 2020 (8%) to 2021 (17%).

Marketing compliance isn’t going away. As the cannabis industry continues to rapidly expand, regulators will have more momentum and resources to crack-down on marketing infractions as violations become more enforceable. It’s not just government regulators who are looking at compliance. It’s also social media platforms.

That’s why we created Highlyte - an AI driven platform designed to reduce complexity around cannabis regulations and prevent all levels of marketing infractions (social media shadowbans, shutdowns, hefty regulatory fines that could eventually lead to the loss of licenses).

Highlyte by AMNESIA assists marketers in content creation processes by ensuring that compliance can be met at EVERY SINGLE level. Our digital platform also leverages the power of AI to help entire marketing teams understand compliance trends - so you can be confident that your content is safe in the complex and always-changing landscape of advertising regulations. Highlyte allows marketers to check content compliance from start-to-finish.

Highlyte currently covers regulations in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Facebook, and Instagram. Here’s how Highlyte supports marketing teams and relieves compliance pressures:

Content Check

Highlyte’s Content Check allows you to upload images, videos and copy for an instant compliance report. Content checks enable creatives to quickly and easily test their creative concepts for compliance risks before investing in content production, which can take up to weeks. Beyond testing concepts, marketers are able to check content (from Instagram stories to website copy) after creation to confirm that it is ready and safe for publication.

Instagram Health Check

Because regulations changes are agile and can change at any moment, Highlyte’s Instagram Health Check allows marketers to check compliance in real time and adjust content that has already been published to stay up-to-date with regulations across multiple jurisdictions. The Instagram Health Check enables you to view a snapshot of your accounts overall compliance status and provides a comprehensive risk analysis for individual pieces of content! Highlyte’s AI analyzes captions, images, videos, and and text that lives within images. This tool is useful for creatives to better understand how compliance impacts customer touch points and storytelling.

Trend Reports

In addition to the Instagram Health Check, Highlyte’s Trend Reports provide a compliance breakdown for each jurisdiction that your company operates in. Trend Reports enable marketers to build marketing compliance knowledge and adjust long-term marketing strategies to create compelling content for your target audiences without sacrificing creativity. This is key to understanding how to better drive ROI by educating teams about compliance trends and how your content lives up to those trends. Use Highlyte as a reference to educate the entire team on regulations in an easy-to-digest way.

Consider Highlyte as another member of your team or a 30 second step that adds a level of assurance. Marketing infractions are costly. With Highlyte, cannabis marketers now have an easy tool to protect their accounts while continuing to do what they do best - creating compelling content.

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